Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Picture This

As many of you know I love do-it-yourself projects, and today's project is no exception.  I'm a huge believer in recycling and re-purposing, and I had these two pictures that were given to me from a friend that didn't want to just throw them away because they were outdated.  (One was broken, and silly me only took a before picture of one of the 2 pictures, and it wasn't of the one that was broken.  Oops.)

Picture 1 - Before

Anyway, she gave the two pictures to me to make them look good again, and here's what I they look like now.

Picture 1 - After

They were a pretty easy update.  Picture 1 - I took some white spray paint, an old kitchen hardware medallion (touched up with some black spray paint), added some crystal gems to the medallion, and covered the matte board with beautiful blue fabric from the craft store.

Picture 2 - After

Picture 2 - This picture was the broken one.  I repaired the broken off corner of the frame, the used white spray paint the frame and center, added silver and crystal Xmas ornament, and covered the matte board with another amazing fabric, and ta-da.  Totally new artwork for around $5 each. 

How did I do that you ask.  Well the pictures were given to me so they were free.  The medallion I found, oddly enough I found it on the ground one day when I was taking my garbage out.  (Yes you heard me right, I found it next to my garbage can.  Funny, right?)  So again, free.  The Xmas ornament was also free because it was a gift to me.  The crystal gems on the medallion only cost a $1 from the craft store's bargain bin.  The white spray paint was about $3 (only used one can on both, and I had some black spray paint leftover from another project, so I just used it on the medallion to clean it up.  And the fabric was only about $3 for a 1/4 yard of each. 

So there's my breakdown of the project.  My favorite part is when people come over and ask me where I got them.  I tell them I made them.  Custom artwork on a dime.

Have a great day.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Rough Going

Sorry that I didn't post on Friday, or until late today, but it was a rough weekend. The family went to the beach this weekend and on day 2, Jake, one of my two dogs had a seizure and we had to come home.

Okay, he had 6 seizures that went on and off for about an hour.  While we are no strangers to Jake having seizures, this was way more than we've ever experienced.  (Yes we have him on meds for seizures, but it doesn't prevent him from still having them.  Unfortunately.) 

So forgive me for not posting the last couple of days, but we have been making sure that Jake is resting, and hoping he doesn't have anymore seizures.  Tomorrow it'll be back to business.

Thanks for your patience.  Have a great day.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

London Calling

If you don't know by now, you will by the end of this post know how much I love the UK.  I have been there twice, and would give anything to go back again soon.

Here was me and my cousin Kate back in 2009 on the London Eye.  We had so much fun.  (I so needed a haircut, but it was a last minute decision for me to go.)

Anyway, I was hanging out on Pinterest (surprise, surprise) and I came along this print of London Tube Stations, and I'm dying to have it. 

I know exactly where I want to put it too.  On the one and only wall in my kitchen that it will fit.  I followed the link for it, and it's online at 15 Gifts in the UK.  I'll have to save up for this one, because it costs a little more than I want to spend.  But I think it's so worth it.  So got to have it!!!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Are You Kidding Me? Thank You!

Today's post is short, but sweet.  Last week I was hosting our once a month Girl's Bunco Night at my house, and one of the girls brought a friend I'd never met before.  (You'll understand why I said this in just a minute.)

Anyway, they arrived a little early, and I was finishing setting up and putting the food out when Dawnee (friend of my friend) asked if I designed the back-splash in my kitchen.  (You know the one that I'm still updating that I spoke about yesterday.)

Back-splash design

I said yes, and that's when she gave me the biggest and best compliment ever.  She said I was like a Nate Berkus.  (I almost dropped the food in my hands, because I love Nate!)  Then she asked if she could take a picture of it, because she loved it so much.  (Yeah right, like I'm going to say no.  You just gave me the biggest compliment ever.)

Just had to share that, because so far that compliment has totally made my week, and I'm assuming it's going to finish out the month plus.  Thank you Dawnee.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kitchen Trend

Well I'm not sure about trend, but I'm on a roll with kitchen updates lately.  And this one's personal.  Yep, you guessed it, the kitchen is mine.  It is currently under construction, but I thought I would share with you the Style Board that I have put together for it.

Here's the rundown for my kitchen.
  1. Fabric for custom roman shades.  (I'm making them from leftover fabric from IKEA that's been discontinued.)
  2. Wall color.  (Color is Burnished Clay.  It's a really light gray by Behr Premium Plus Ultra.)
  3. Ceiling mounted lighting.  (Got at Lamps Plus.)
  4. Tile for Back-splash.  (The one on top is from a discount warehouse, and the lower 2 are from the ReStore that I did a post on back in February.  Click here to see it.  They are all shades of taupe gray.)
  5. Paint for my existing cabinets.  (The color is called River Rock.  It's a taupe gray.  Do you see a gray pattern going on here?  Have to say I'm in love with the color right now.)
  6. Black Pulls.  (From MyKnobs.com)
  7. Black appliances.  (I just put the picture of a fridge in to show that my appliances are black.)
  8. Blue canisters.  (The ones that I got are pretty close to these, but they are packed away so I used an image that was close.)
  9. Blue rug.  (This one I still need to get as it is a brand new item that IKEA has not got in yet.)
  10. Granite counter-tops.  (Now this wasn't my first choice, but since my mom was buying them for an anniversary gift for my husband and I, I couldn't complain too much.  They look great.)
Oh, and if you wondering, yes I put some branches in a vase in the center of the Style Board, because I also thought they would look nice in my kitchen. Whenever I happen to get finished my kitchen, in between my Interior Blueprint work and my fun time, I'll show you pictures.  (Yes, I get fun time.  Just not as often as I would like.)  I will keep you posted on the end result.  Please let me know what you think in the meantime.

Have a great day. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Light 'n Bright Kitchen Update

Remember back in January I did a Light 'n Bright Kitchen Style Board?  Well... Would you like to see the before and afters?

Here are the before's.


The kitchen was dark, outdated, and closed off from the rest of the house.  Did I also mention that this kitchen was small.  It is only about a 10' x 7' kitchen.  (Hence the super tiny appliances.)

Now here are the afters.


Now if you're wondering why the kitchen sink is not located under the window, which most people do, that was at the special request of the homeowner.  She loves to look out her kitchen window when she's busy in the kitchen, but she has an injury that makes it very painful to do this if we put the sink, or cabinets, under the window.  So we choose to put the sink next to the window so she could enjoy her view without strain or further injury.  I think it turned out great, and I love the custom open shelving we did above the sink too.

Even Sister approves of the new kitchen.  (She's such a ham.)  Now the kitchen is so much lighter and brighter.  The second we opened the wall the whole space changed.  (For the better I might add.)  The goal was to keep everything as light as possible to highlight the homeowners love of color with her kitchen accessories.  I believe we achieved our goals.

Have a great day!
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