Monday, May 14, 2012

Light 'n Bright Kitchen Update

Remember back in January I did a Light 'n Bright Kitchen Style Board?  Well... Would you like to see the before and afters?

Here are the before's.


The kitchen was dark, outdated, and closed off from the rest of the house.  Did I also mention that this kitchen was small.  It is only about a 10' x 7' kitchen.  (Hence the super tiny appliances.)

Now here are the afters.


Now if you're wondering why the kitchen sink is not located under the window, which most people do, that was at the special request of the homeowner.  She loves to look out her kitchen window when she's busy in the kitchen, but she has an injury that makes it very painful to do this if we put the sink, or cabinets, under the window.  So we choose to put the sink next to the window so she could enjoy her view without strain or further injury.  I think it turned out great, and I love the custom open shelving we did above the sink too.

Even Sister approves of the new kitchen.  (She's such a ham.)  Now the kitchen is so much lighter and brighter.  The second we opened the wall the whole space changed.  (For the better I might add.)  The goal was to keep everything as light as possible to highlight the homeowners love of color with her kitchen accessories.  I believe we achieved our goals.

Have a great day!

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