Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 YGP Show - Salvage Works

Day 3 of the 2012 Yard, Garden and Patio Show reviews.  This one I'm really excited about, because I love when people put their creative genius to work and create amazing things out of salvage materials.  And how appropriate the name of the company is Salvage Works.  (Please let me disclaim right now, that my pictures aren't the best. But their display was packed.  It was very challenging to get pictures at all.)


Thankfully I got a picture of the outdoor kitchen area without random people in it.  (Can't say that for some of the next pictures though.)  I love this kitchen.  It's beautiful with it's Tuscan flair.


Lovely raised planters beds that frame the walkways.  (That rosemary smells wonderful.)

(See what I mean about random people.  The people that I tried to crop out stood there for a very long time, so it made it impossible to get a good picture of this table.  That and there wasn't enough room for me to back up and get the whole table.  Sorry.)  The part of the picture that I wished I really could have captured was the very long ladder suspended above the table and had a chandelier hanging from it.  However every picture I tried to get of it turned out really bad.  You just couldn't see them both.  (Insert imagination here.)

So when I got home I looked up Salvage Works, because I it was my first time hearing about them and I was really impressed with their showcase at the Yard, Garden and Patio Show.  As if I couldn't be more impressed, I read their About page.  What a way to take an active part in the both communities and the environment.  Please take a moment to read this page.  I know within the next week I'm taking a trip out to visit Preston and Rachel.  (I'll keep you posted on my findings.)

Have a great day.

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